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Dedicated electronic systems

POS Systems

Point of sale disinfection barrier

Join us in our fight against COVID-19!


Protect customers and staff!

Electrical power: 150W

Optical power:   3.6W,  UVC spectrum

110-220VAC, 50-60Hz, PFC

Surface disinfection time 5sec

It is successfully used for surface disinfection:

  • small items issued to the customer (drugs, printed matter, soft drinks, ...)
  • means of payment (money, credit cards, ...)
  • documents (travel tickets, ID cards, prescriptions, ...)
Desktop installation

Pass through

Fits most of sales desktops

User Safe operation

UVC light operates only if both doors are closed

LED technology. No mercury.


Ultraviolet light effectively destroys microorganisms by destroying their DNA structure. UV light of the C wavelength range is used for this purpose. Particularly good results in the destruction of viruses and bacteria are achieved by using wavelengths around 280nm. UV POS disinfection barrier emits UVC light with a wavelength of 275nm and it is intended for disinfection of surfaces and air.

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